Born in Paris in 1955, José Grain lives in Brussels since 1985.

Always drawn to the power of the still-image, on his return from a trip to Morocco, he drops brushes and pencils, buys his first 35mm SLR camera and meets photographer G. Malpièce.

He quickly acquires a solid experience, first as school and marriage operator (in Paris and throughout France) then as publicity photo-assistant to Michel Tiziou / Studio Pom’ as well as still photographer (“Amadeus” / Roman Polanski, Théâtre Marigny).

Irresistibly attracted to the unknown, José Grain senses he will flourish in contact with the people of the world.

Thus, to get initiated into the reporter trade, he travels to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Tibet, the Philippines…

Returning from one of these Asian treks, José Grain commits himself to a career of photo-reporter and enrolls at Brussels’ Professional School of Photography.

Even before graduating with honors – impregnated with a multitude of pictures of Photography’s Masters – he leaves for Angola on the first leg of a long list of reportages.

Thanks to his new rangefinder camera, fundamentally changing his approach, it leads him straight onto the path of photojournalism.

Henceforth, he has dedicated his eyes, mind and heart to best serve Life, by providing vivid information on people’s fragility and strength surviving harsh economic and social conditions as well as reporting on those whom dedicate their lives to contribute substantial improvements here and now on Earth.

During all these years, he photographed anti-personnel mines victims, blind peasants, minority groups, forgotten populations such as the Kurds, Tchernobyl’s casualties of Bielorussia, and Bosnia’s youth.

Since 2008, he explores other outlets beside strict photojournalism working on a wider perception of Life. His most recent work and projects take up the challenge to a keener approach of the topic in the psychological dimension.


2004 « Belarus » Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître, Auderghem, Belgium.
2002 « Kurds » Centre d’Art de Rouge-Cloître, Auderghem, Belgium.
2000 « Life Line Express » Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan France.
1999 « Kurds » Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan France.


"Imagine, demain le monde",
"Le Ligueur",
"Les Films du Lendemain",
"Le Matin",
"Handicap International Belgique",
"Frères des Hommes France".


Africa (Angola, Zimbabwe, Niger), Asia (Thaïland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, China, Tibet, India, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), Central Asia (Afghanistan), Middle-East (Kurdistan - Turkish zone and Irakian zone), Eastern Europe (Serbia, Bosnia), Eastern (Bielorussia), Europe CEE.
1995 – till today (20 ans).


  • Brussels' Professional School of Photography.
  • Photographer, Distinction. 1994 – 1997
  • Assistant of G. Malpièce (Editing, sound track, screening).
  • Operator (ceremonies, portraits, sale).
  • Laboratory Technician (Shooter-screener on Noritsu QSS-, advising customers, sales).
  • Assistant of B. Borkowski (Still photography Théâtre Marigny « Amadeus » Roman Polanski).
  • Assistant of M.Tiziou/Studio Pom' (Advertising photography magazines, periodicals, folders).